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Delicious and Refreshing: Cola Cafe Memorabilia Collection

Delicious and Refreshing: Cola Cafe Memorabilia Collection

On May 8th, 1886, in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. John Pemberton produced a syrup, took it to Jacob’s Pharmacy, mixed it with carbonated water and it was pronounced “DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING”.

Frank Robinson suggested the name and penned the now famous trademark in his unique script. In the first year, average sales, nine per day. Prior to his death, Pemberton sold his remaining interest to Asa Chandler.

By 1895, Coke was being drunk in every state and territory in the United States. In 1916 the unique contour bottle was produced. The shaped bottle was registered as a trademark, as was “Coca-Cola” in 1945 and more recently the Dynamic Ribbon Device.

In 1941 Robert Woodruff, the President and major shareholder, said “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for 5c, wherever he is serving and whatever it costs the company”. Hence the rapid expansion world wide.

Today Coca-Cola is the world’s soft drink enjoyed hundreds of millions of times a day by people all over the globe.